CONVOS WITH NERDKID: Kid Drama in Two Parts

NerdKid hanging out for selfies

Hubby tried the other night to explain to NerdKid that I do not have to be the primary parent all the time.

ACT I: Patricide

H: You're always, "Mom! Mom! Mom!" I know how to do things for you, too. You can ask me, you know.

NK: But there's a reason I always ask her!

H: And what is the reason?

NK: She's smarter than you!

Me (from my office): Don't say that!

H *peeks his head in*: So you're smarter than me, huh?

Me *shrugs*: I mean, well, in some things? Just like you're smarter than me in other things? (Dude, totally reaching there, cos he looks sad.)

NK: She is!

Me *groan*

ACT II: Matricide

Me (later): That wasn't very nice to say to your dad.

NK: Well, it was true. I mean, you're old!

Me: OMG, I'm only 43!

NK: That's old, Mom! Which makes you super smart.

Me: o_O Thanks?

NK: I love you.